Sunday, September 22, 2013

Properties of Addition Saga

Hi everyone.

This year my district adopted a new Math Series called "My Math."  I like the book because it is aligned with the Common Core Standards.....but Oh My Goodness...  my kiddos are STRUGGLING!!!

We previously had a VERY OLD version of Everyday Math which was published before Common Core became an itch someone decided needed scratched.

This week in Chapter 2 Lesson One we were introduced to the Properties of Addition - which had never been mentioned in Everyday Math.  (Common Core would have introduced them in 2nd grade for sure - but maybe in 1st - I would have to look.)  Of course, My Math only had one lesson dedicated to this review - but since it was a new learning for my kiddos - I needed to strrrreeeeettttttcccccch the lesson into several days.  Here is how I used the products I made to help my students.

Day One - My Math Whole Group Lesson from the textbook.   Lesson, Guided Practice, Independent Practice (they struggled with this), and Homework.

Day Two - Whole Group Review Lesson, Number Sentence Sort (from bundle), and a Super Teacher Worksheet on Properties of Addition for Homework.

Day Three - Began the day with the Numbered Task Card Scavenger Hunt.  (This is so easy and simple!  I gave two student pairs  half of the Numbered Task Cards, a tape dispenser, and instructed them to tape the cards up around the room where they were visible).   Then all students received a Response Sheet and walked around the room finding and answering the Numbered Task Cards. 

I went on with Chapter 2 Lesson 2 in My Math - but I had the Poke Cards ready for Small Group Practice.

By the end of the week I think they were proficient with the Properties of Addition.   I am just not sure how far we are going to get in the book if we keep crawling at this snail pace.  Our district did not provide us a pacing guide - so I guess we will get there when we get there. 

Here are the products I made for my kiddos.   You can purchase them through my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

 Only $5
Save Money and Receive a Bonus Product! This Bundle includes the Task Cards, the Poke Cards, and the Number Sentence Sort (not available anywhere else)!



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Everyone Loves a Good Sale!

Teachers Pay Teachers Back-to-School-Sale is on!!!

 I have discounted all of my products 20% and if you enter the following promo code when you check out you get and additional 8% off your total purchase.

The additional 8% is only good on August 18th and 19th, but my 20% off sale runs through August 20th!  

Here is a link to my store - have fun shopping!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That's a Math Fact, Jack!

I am just going to come out and say it.... I love Duck Dynasty!   I tape the show so I can watch it whenever I have a chance.  Duck Dyansty is one of the few shows that makes me laugh out loud.  Plus, I feel safe watching it with the grandkids!

The show is a nice example of a close-knit family.  Willie and Jace remind me of my brothers - always arguing - but always sticking by each other - no matter what!  Miss Kay remind me of my mom.... she was an excellent cook too!   

My husband, David was at a convention and brought this home to me.  I hung it up in my classroom.  =)

So... anyway....I was looking at clip art on Teachers Pay Teachers and found ducks drawn with beards.  That clip art and my love of Duck Dynasty inspired me to make some cute game boards, task cards, and "I Have, Who Has" cards for my kiddos to use as they practice their multiplication facts.  I know many of them watch the show and will love practicing with this set of games!

I am always looking for ways or products that will help motivate  my students to learn those multiplication facts.   I believe knowing them fluently makes a huge difference in how students do the rest of their math career.  Many adults who grew up hating math felt that way because they were never fluent with multiplication! 

This is for sale at my TeachersPayTeachers  Store for $4.00.
Check it out here:  That's a Math Fact, Jack!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I just saw this video and I LOVE it!   I had already decided to teach my kiddos the "Cups" song for a brain break activity- substituting the word whiskey with water!  Now we may try and change the words up a bit.   Check out "Where it is Grown" and I will also add my favorite "Cups" video.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

a small rant....

Today, a friend of mine made a very nice post on Facebook.  Basically she wanted to make the public aware that the money they were spending to get their children ready for school this year was less than most teachers were spending getting their classroom ready.  She wanted them to know that the schools (via the government) do not typically reimburse teachers for much, if any, of that expense.  She advocated for stopping the spending and letting the public see just what the government was doing for their children (without the teacher's personal financial contribution).  She even went so far as suggest that the teachers should buy something for themselves with the money they typically spend on the classroom.

I loved her post.   Seriously, in what other profession are contracted people doing this?     I can't think of any.

I have been working getting my classroom ready for several days now; and no, I did not earn a dime.  I was doing it on my own time.  My choice.   Crazy, huh?  I have purchased numerous items for the classroom.  Reimbursed?  No.  Stupid Crazy.    But you all know; as well as I do, that my Stupid Crazy behavior is the norm for many teachers.

It seems easy for the state governments to cut spending on education, because the public doesn't scream. They don't protest education cuts...  not very strongly anyway.   Why?  I believe it is because teachers do whatever they can to make things seem normal to wonderful.  Teachers take care of things - even if it is paid for out of their own pocket. 

How many of you are asked to come in for special events even though the time isn't covered in your contracted hours?  Pressured a bit even.  Happens all the time.  Crazy. 

At one point, our evaluation even had a section that evaluated teachers on how much time they volunteered in the community.   In other words, you were being judged on how you spent your spare time, time you weren't paid for.   Crazy. 

None of that, however, is my small rant.   Here is my rant:   Some of the people responding to my friend's post had the nerve to say, "of course, I spend money on my classroom, I didn't get into this profession to get rich!"   Get rich??????   Seriously!

That attitude - that "I am not worthy of being paid a professional wage for my professional time attitude" makes me want to scream.  It also is exactly why we will never be paid as professionals - even though most of us are extremely well-educated.

Others do not have to hold us down.   We gladly chain ourselves to poverty.  And should someone speak up for themselves and demand professional pay for professional work .... we always hear..... "I didn't get into teaching to become rich."

In my district, we have teachers who have taught for 15 years with a Master's degree and they still qualify for free and reduced lunches!  It is so incredibly sad.

Okay, small rant over.  Time for bed.  Nite everyone.

Friday, June 14, 2013

It's Freeeebie Friday Again!!

Pre-K - Kindergarten

  1. A very Cute Ant Picnic Addition Math Center! 
  2.  A Wonderful Beginning Sounds C or P Sort 
Kindergarten - 1st 
  1. Here is a cutie:  Kids at the Beach Subtraction Math Center   

4th and 5th
  1. Rounding to the Millions Place - (my kiddos always need practice with this!)
  2. Here is mine:  Place Value Vocabulary Cards 
 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th
  1. Here is a sample lesson of the "Human Digestive System" from a High School Biology Teacher.  I bet his classes are always packed! 
  1. Upper Case letter with friendly faces!  

I LOVE these products and they are Free.  All you have to do is download and use to your hearts content!  

I wish I could get you pictures of these products rather than links - if anyone knows how to do that from TpT product pages leave me a message.    I would love to show everyone these products.  But until I find a way to show you -- follow the links!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog #2 - Learning!

Happy Wednesday!

Boy, my mind is whirling!   I have been a long-time purchaser of products from Teacher Pay Teachers - not a seller.  This summer, I was encouraged by a great friend to try and sell some of the things I create for my classroom.  I was very hesitant - but after looking at my very sad checking account and lack of savings account - I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.  

I had no idea there was sooo much to learn.   I have been working everyday of my summer break so far.  I love learning new skills - but to be honest it is exhausting!  
I have several items in my TpT store so I am feeling better about having some product available.  

Right now I am focusing on 4th Grade Math products.   Our district just adopted "My Math" and I am going through the book and making products as I get acquainted with the series. 

Today, I joined some collaborative seller forums through TpT and I am hoping to connect with other teachers.  

 It will be interesting to see where this new adventure is going to lead me...

Happy Teaching!